RSI has developed the "ONE-STOP" total foundry service concept by introducing pattern design, development and manufacturing facilities, machining workshops and QA programmes. A major addition to our services is the setup of a Logistical Section complete with in-house pre-shipment packaging, container stuffing, customs clearances and liaisons with shipping companies.

With all the variables controlled within the company, personalised service can and is regularly provided to the clients. RSI is always happy to discuss the unique requirements of clients from any part of the world. The facilities allow the company to provide all the requisite services from under one roof.






Global Presence
For RSI, the process of customer satisfaction does not stop at the mere despatch of the goods. A network of well co-ordinated agents and stockists makes sure that the process of distribution is smooth and that all the client's requirements are fulfilled. To take care of the immediate and urgent needs of customers around the world, RSI maintains stocks of quality castings of certain sizes in India and at certain key locations around the world.

For the complete Castings Experience, RSI can be the only choice.