The Foundries
RSI has two manufacturing units situated in the industrial suburbs of Calcutta, with a warehouse situated in close proximity to the port. Both production units are geared to manufacture over 30,000 MT annually.

Casting range from 0.5 to 5,000 Kgs and are produced according to customer specifications and requirements.

In-House R & D
The development of new production techniques and quality assurance is a continuous process at RSI. This allows the company to keep up with international trends and assure high quality castings at competitive prices. By maintaining its own designing and drawing office, RSI ensures quick and efficient designs to meet customer needs and provision of technical submittals. RSI prides itself on its ability to cater to and adapt for any of the major international specifications.

In-House Pattern Making & Design
Each foundry has a modern Pattern Shop built on site which handles all new pattern work and routine maintenance and modification of existing patterns. In addition, there is a comprehensive core making section.

Machining Facilities
Each foundry has a fully equipped installed Machine Shop which complements the casting activities. A team of skilled experienced machinists handles all aspects of client's machining requirements. RSI has sufficient installed capacity to machine the entire production prior to shipment.

Inspection and Quality Control
To maintain the highest level of quality castings, RSI employs a team of Quality Control officers stationed at strategic locations throughout the manufacturing process. These individuals ensure that 100% of RSI's production is inspected and that the strict quality control guidelines laid down by the company and clients are strictly adhered to.

Product Lines
The main product lines are Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron and Cast Aluminium. The current range of products include :
      Frames for drainage, telephone and electrical requirements
      Inspection covers
      Kerb inlets, gullies, catch basins and grates with frames
      Drain frames
      Tree grates
      Manhole step irons
      Deflector plates
      Fire hydrant boxes and extensions
      Water meter boxes
      Valve boxes for gas and water lines
      Rain water pipes and fittings
      Agricultural crushing wheels

 Non-Ferrous Castings
RSI also caters to the need of industries which require non-ferrous castings. We produce many grades of bronze and aluminium castings, castings of aluminium and copper based alloys and sand casted, die casted aluminium products as per customer specifications. RSI is probably the first in India to export aluminium manhole covers and frames to Europe.